Monday, 13 February 2017

Roger McGough

Last weeks' Bishop's Stortford Literature Festival culminated in an evening with Roger McGough. He's been the poet of my life, the soundtrack to my childhood with The Scaffold and Lily The Pink (I still have the vinyl 45 and illustrated sleeve somewhere), a Liverpool poet accompanying my heritage, he reminds me of my Liverpudlian father (who's also an lone Evertonian locally) and his wonderful work has been with me through my teaching, inspiring a new generation to wrangle with words.

Here's a little ditty in tribute to a lovely man and a great evening at our local festival:

Roger McGough

The patron saint of poetry
With white hair and a gold earring
In bowling shoes and moleskin jacket
His performance makes it so easy

Producing words to make you think
I remember
A-drink, a-drink, a drink
To Lily-the-Pink, the-Pink, the-Pink
Mother sang it to me
At the kitchen sink

Well over a thousand
Poetic adventures he's penned
All delightful, cheering and poignant
To the end

'What I hate about life is as soon as you get the hang of it you run out of time.'

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