Saturday, 1 December 2012

Pen Pushers

The end of the year is nigh! End of a year when I've been able to devote more than the usual allotted time to writerly pursuits, I finished the novel adaptation and been published and paid (squirming with delight at that one!) for a couple of feature articles in a local magazine. I started a new story for young adults which has me skipping merrily through the annals of memory, embellishing and inventing situations and characters aplenty.

I've set the story in Blackpool, a place I need to go back and 'research'. Blazac said of Lancashire women that they 'die of love', the historian, A.J.P. Taylor thought this unlikely,

"In reality a Lancashire woman would reply, 'come on lad. Let's get it over!'

My main character is a bit of a romantic, but the people around her are grounded in reality, most of the time. Hence I shall carry on regardless, despite the lack of publishing deals or agents, writing is what I do, it's what I would always like to do. What's the harm in dreaming? As Wilde put it:
"We are all in the gutter, but some of us are looking up at the stars" (Saw Rupert Everett as Wilde in 'The Judas Kiss' - brilliant)

One of the most rewarding writing exploits this year has been the MA module: Writing for Young Adults, at Birbeck. I'd love to see some of the stories we've shared get published - the murder and occult occurrences in a boarding school, the feisty girl with two dads in a seaside supernatural thriller, the rarified antics of the super-rich psychotic, neurotic and tattooed kids. Strong female characters, inventive and streetwise London boys, they all deserve a place on the shelves or Kindles.

I'll miss the people, I'll miss the tutorials in The Harrison (plus the Guinness, and the after session drinks), the discussions, the sharing of work and the critiques. I'll miss our brilliant, blunt and inspiring tutor - Julia Bell. I've realised I need the input of others, writing is lonely work. Good luck to all pen pushers out there!