Monday, 22 November 2010

Synchronised Swiming

This was a new one for She Who Dares. Inspired by all the aquatic activities I'd experienced this year, I decided to go all Esther Williams and try to get the gang as graceful as pack of performing dolphins. Maybe we looked more like floundering fish, but it didn't matter, we still had a great time.

Our instructors travelled over from Brentwood swimming school, enthusiastic and graceful. Amy slipped into the water to demonstrate first hand, she moved like a seal with a winning, gleaming smile. The rest of us grimaced with more splash than dash in our efforts to master the basics. Sculling feet first, then head first, up and down the pool while keeping the body perfectly still and on the water line wasn't easy, toes just peeked above the surface while the hands went like the clappers underwater in a twisted version of a royal wave.

The oyster tuck proved another challenge, bum down, legs poked straight up in the air. The tub was a little easier, knees bent and legs tucked, turning on the spot. Finally we tried out a co-ordinated routine, perched on the side of the pool in mexican wave formation to the strains of 'Don't stop me now' slipping into the pool and advancing towards each other, toes meeting in star shape floats, smiling, all the time smiling. Despite the lack of sparkly eye shadow and wonky nose clips, we did manage to keep in time with a passable routine, but I don't think the olympic squad have anything to worry about.